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  Rebecca Gausnell is a London-based accent & dialect coach, born and raised in the United States. Credited professionally in both film & theatre, past clients include Emmy, SAG, and BAFTA...
January 24, 2017
In this episode, we're introducing our new collaboration with Honest Actors, for the Emerging Actors Roundtable. A brand new interview with seven regular actors discussing the highs and low of the ind...
January 16, 2017
Jonathan Harden from the Honest Actors Podcast on his tips for actors to stay fresh and prepared, his worst audition story, and what's next for the Honest Actors blog.
December 8, 2016
We spoke to actor, producer, director and writer, Bruce Chong about his new TV show Wok. He offers his advice on how actors can make their own work, and what can be done to increase diversity in the a...
May 26, 2016
In the first part of our Inclusivity in the Arts series, we spoke to Kumiko Mendl of Yellow Earth Theatre, and Heather Basten, casting assistant at Des Hamilton Casting.
May 4, 2016

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